Circle of Support for the Ministry of Culture of Peace in the USA and Around the World

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We invite EACH ONE of you to be the transformative power that we are. Let us exercise intentionally that power, for sure, in the here and now, think what it would take to be intentionally manifesting peace in each action, every step of the day. Let us own the fact that we can move mountains, that we can be, if we so wish, the light of the world and the salt of Mother Earth.

In this Spirit we share that Siglo XXIII (Twenty Third Century Movement) of El Salvador continues with the commitment and the work on CULTURE OF PEACE. We continue with all our programs and presence we have always carried in El Salvador and the world over, and which many of you have been so intentionally supporting, which you can see in our web page www.museoaja.org , and NOW, we have launched our MINISTRY OF CULTURE OF PEACE IN THE USA.

Hierald Kane-Osorto has committed to be the leader of this Ministry with your and our support along with the support of his partner Kristen Kane-Osorto, they are a young couple now based in Washington, D.C.

This is our response to the crisis, and the root of the crisis: To MINISTER TO THE CITIZENS AND NATIONS OF THE WORLD WHICH IS SO CLEARLY NEEDED TO MANIFEST PEACE, WITHIN AND WITHOUT. Let us move forward in that commitment as we build a movement for the transformation of our society through a culture of peace.

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