Art, Sustainability, Environment - A Blog

Art, Sustainability, Environment - A Blog

What is it about?
Titled 'The Third Ray', the blog is concerned with the question:

"How have artists been involved in the past in the debate about sustainability and how do they continue to be involved?"
Artists have lagged behind the scientific community in their involvement in issues of sustainability in our society. This is changing fast.

I would like the blog to go beyond a narrow view of environmentalism and conservation to encompass the worlds of business, finance, economics, politics and social institutions since these all have a significant impact on sustainable development.

Over time I hope to be able to dip into all art forms - visual arts, literature, the performing arts, etc. Maybe even the art of science.

What's with the title?
So where did this odd title come from?
"The third ray is the power of ideas."

The Seven Rays is a concept that has appeared in several religions and philosophies since at least the sixth century BCE, in both Western culture and in India. The Third Ray represents the use of Active Intelligence, its color is green and Earth is one of its planet rulers.

And the best reason of all - after a long and frustrating search of many potential titles - this title had the huge advantage that www.thethirdray.com was actually available!

If you have time, please take a look at the blog and tell me what you think.

If you have any friends who may be interested in the subject, please point them to the site.

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