GCAP keep the pressure ... join us!

Last July, the G8 leaders met in L'Aquila. There, they renewed old promises, adding new ones. GCAP wants to make sure those promises are kept, by keeping the pressure together with all the Italians so that our government, that will hold the G8 presidency until December 2009, meet these commitments. Once the spotlight on the G8 Summit is off, we do not want civil society to be less vigilant on these important issues. We need to remind the Government of these promises so that commitments do not remain only words. GCAP will continue to put pressure on the Italian Government so that, the next Budget Law does not cut the funds for the fight against poverty, so that Italy will not forget to pay its contribution to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, and to contribute to achieve the MDGs and to promote a more sustainable development. Do you want Italy and the other G8 countries to keep their promises? Sign the petition and help us keep the pressure!

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