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SALUDOS AMIG@S.. it hurts....
 the situation in Honduras is not as simple as it may look.  The agreement to have the Honduran Congress and the Supreme Court vote to decide if the constitutional president, Zelaya, deposed by the military coup d'etat June 28,  2009, news now say that this agreement was reached under duress.  Zelaya only signed under pressure.  His return to the presidency  should have never been a matter of negotiation, nor to be placed in the hands of these institutions, who were instrumental in justifying the coup, and which now can stall and stall and stall. 
It does not matter now what anyone says about the restitution of Zelaya to the presidency, nor how much the brave struggle of the Honduran people is glorified, for this could just be for public consumption.  The reality is that it could turn out to be a simple and cruel mockery of democratic processes, and of that struggle, and of the firm conviction of those nations, and their government,  who true to the commitment to respect the rule of law, and the previous international agreement,  stood strong and did not recognize the de facto government. 
The people of Honduras and  the international community had said that the results of the up coming presidential elections, would  not be recognized if Zelaya was not restituted to his elected prosition. It is in this context  that the last steps and agreements came about.  Let us learn to see though.  Thus we must learn to see how the various forces still are at work in our countries, using seemigly different modailities, but still supporting a coudp d'etat.. .  This then  is  hard blow to democracy all over the world.  best
Dear friends,
On Saturday morning, Nov 1st I wrote about the agreement to resolve the Honduras coup d'etat, because there is the concern that the Honduran legislature an supreme court,might continue to stall, and time will continue to go by, without the needed results..see below

Dear sisters and brothers.. saludos to all of you.  please share with your networks..

***This is a brief reflection on the recent agreement in Honduras -- let us know well what has happened and wht could happen as a result of this. for now more than ever we must be most watchful, or we will not know what to do next.
Victor Rico  political secretary of the Organization of American States-OAS, in a brief press conference on October 30, accompanied by Thomas Shannon, by the USA undersecretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, stated that the dialogue of the negotiating commissions for the political solution of the case re the coup d'etat in Honduras of June 28-09, "has come to a happy conclusion."

 The agreement is to have the Honduran congress (the legislature) and supreme court decide. 

Thomas Shannon declared: that the question of the restitution of the constitutional president is fundamental to the USA and to the International Communtiy, the OAS and UN resolutions clearly state that.

This is the agreement and this is what we must be watchful about, for this can become a trap, as the Honduran Congress and Supreme Court can be become entangled and never decide, and in this way the Honduran people, and the rest of the world, can experience anew the terrible new modality of a coup d'etat. 

The Only reason that the US finally came to this point is due to the work of the Honduran people and that of the peoples of the region, who made their governments stay by the commitment agreed years ago not to recognize a government resulting from a coup d' etat.. we can not go back to that era... it is completely anachronic.. Please be watchful and continue to press.. This is an issue of human rights for people the world over.  We cannot allow this precedent to be set.

"This is what we are about: We plant the seeds that will one day grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise. We lay foundations that will need further development. We provide yeast that produces effects far beyond our capabilities."
- Archbishop Oscar Romero

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