Restoring Dignity Recognizes the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Religions for Peace sent an e-mail today marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Please connect and share with others.

Dear Sisters and Brothers and Faith,

Today, as we mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Religions for Peace Global Women of Faith Network would like to send heartfelt appreciation for all of the important work you've done around the world on Restoring Dignity—End Violence Against Women. Thank you for sending your signatures for the interfaith pledge and for the letter to the United Nations Secretary General. We are still receiving more signatures.

Let us also take this occasion to remember the women and girls that face violence every day, in every country around the world. Thank you for observing minutes of meditation for all the women and girls who have been injured or killed all over the world due to violence against women.   Our sister in faith, Roseline, is pleased to share her story of hope with you.

"My name is Roseline (Nee Agu) from Enugu state in Nigeria. He was a footballer from Ubulu-Uku in Delta State of Nigeria. ……I remember I was locked up in the toilet for a whole night, two weeks after I had my last child. He poured kerosene on my body and more than half of my body got burnt. He disgraced me on Okearo bus stop. He also beat me mercilessly and got me injured in my right eye because I questioned him on bringing a woman into our matrimonial home.

I came back to my Home State (Enugu State) with my children empty handedly; no money, and no food. At that time, the children were eight, seven, six and three years old. It is here in Enugu that I first learned to have hope when all seems hopeless. I have found the support of women of faith who have provided an opportunity to put my children through school so that they can become useful people in society.  My daughter was awarded a scholarship for her high school education at the Daughters of Divine Love Juniorate, Abakpa Nike Enugu. A faithful family took in one of my sons as their own and helped him throughout his secondary education. Mother Udorah, the Mother Superior of the Daughters of Divine Love gave me some amount of money to start up a business which I'm still managing to date. This business is selling food stuffs like "Okpa" flour (bambara nut), beans flour, wheat flour, soya bean milk flour and local food spices like ginger, garlic etc. With the profit I make from these, I train my children.

But my heart is broken with the number of women and girls that go through violence in their families today in my own village, and throughout the world. Most have neither hope nor voice. Your action today can give hope and voice. Join the
Restoring Dignity Initiative to finally bring an end to violence against women."

Visit Religions for Peace to learn more about the initiative and download important resources for Education, Awareness and Advocacy including the Interfaith Pledge on Restoring Dignity, Interfaith Youth Poster Competition, Letter to the UN Secretary-General, Interfaith Prayer on Ending Violence Against Women, and share Survivor Stories.

With appreciate for your continued leadership and support,

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