Letter from Siglo 23 to Norwegian Mission

El Salvador, C.A.
July 26, 2011

Norwegian Mission to the UN, NY

Dear Friends,

We are writing this brief note to you, to express our deepest sympathy and condolences for the terrible loss you have suffered on Friday, July 23 at the hand of a very disturbed and ill Norwegian young man. You and the people of Norway, are heavy in our heart, and we pray for your strength and continued commitment for a peace-ful society, with justice and dignity. Do go on, we, who know that there is no road to peace, that peace is the way, walk in accompaniment to you.

For us in our country, El Salvador, and for our whole region, this suffering is so real and so tragic. We have been suffering these losses, and many violations against human life and the health of Mother Earth, for centuries, and the pain is present, and very real even now. Every day we have, morning, afternoon and evening, murders, and more murders, especially of young people, feminicidios, and femicidios, and the most impoverished. The cost in security is not sustainable, in any way, but the opportunities for real development, thus of real peace are not a possibility on hand for the immediate and long range future.

The fact that this terrible situation, when a very intentional attack against youth and their effective presence in their nation and the world, has been lived by your nation, at a time of the UN High Level event on Youth in NY, highlights the urgency to work as a community of nations for the Global Common Good and the Global Common Goods. The whole world must see and move to work stronger for, with and on behalf of youth, and the commitment to have for them, and inherit to them a world worth living in. Everyone one would benefit if we commit to intentionally work for this, and we do it.

Many of us have seen, and have been grateful to hear, your Prime Minister, the member of your royalty, and common citizens, especially some of the very young people who suffered in person this nightmare, that the commitment is still there to maintain a democratic, internationalist, open society.

This is the commitment that all nations and all peoples must make. For now even more than ever we need to move in that direction. We must see, that even if a nation is committed and has made concrete efforts to be about peace, terrible situations such as the one just lived in Norway happen, and in our case, as far as we can see, and understand, the global environment of war and injustice has very much to do with it, thus the importance of working together for a world worth living in for all, now and for the future.

Very dear friends, we again want and need to express our gratefulness for the work that your nation brings about for real peace and security not only in your nation, but in the world. We know of your efforts on behalf of the excluded, thus for a peace with justice and dignity. We also need to express again, our commitment to continue to work for the same purpose, at our personal, family, community, national, regional and global levels.

We know you are blessed..


Marta Benavides
Siglo XXIII/Museo Aja

Cesar Neftali Artiga Cartagena
Asociacion Nueva Vida pro-Niniez y Juventud

G50--Grupo Sin Cuenta

El Salvador, C.A.

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